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Vintage Contessa Podcast

The Contessa, Donae Cangelosi Chramosta

Exciting news from the Vintage Contessa family! We’ve launched a brand NEW show called #LivingtheAuthenticLife Podcast. This show covers everything you’ve been asking us for – interesting stylish personalities sharing authentic journeys of commitment, connection and authenticity. Please continue to join me, live on Thursdays at 10am on Facebook and available across all platforms, as my husband/business partner and I connect with tastemakers to share their unique stories that led them to answer the question, “How do I know it’s real?”

Coco Chanel once said “Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.” After 70 inspiring episodes of recording the Styling Social Justice podcast, we are excited to pivot to bring you a new podcast to find comfort during difficult times. Comfort can be found in many places, but it’s often found by living an authentic, honest life.

Style is not just beautiful people, doing beautiful things in beautiful places: it includes their stories of commitment, connection, and authenticity.

The Contessa

Vintage Contessa Podcast

Rania Mankarious

After two incredible years as co-founder and co-host of Styling Social Justice, the very real issues of 2020 have forced us all to address very hard issues – and have forced me to place most of my efforts (and time) in my role as CEO of Houston’s largest public safety nonprofit – Crime Stoppers of Houston. From #Covid to #GeorgeFloyd to the many unique challenges that have arisen because of both, I’m placing my service to the community above all else – and I look forward to working hand-and-hand and side-by-side all
of your through the process. It is with great pride that I step away from Styling Social Justice and with great enthusiasm that I look forward to the extremely complex and meaningful work ahead.

Co-creating and co-hosting SSJ has been a wonderful experience. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed securing guests, researching guests, and doing my part to create interviews that were fun, informative, and compelling. I look forward to continuing many important conversations through my platforms via Crime Stoppers of Houston (@crimestoppersofhouston) and The Rania Report (@theraniareport). Please follow both on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; I really hope to stay in touch with you all. I’m always sharing information, conversations, surveys, statistics, trends, and other compelling information that’s relevant to all while also sharing the behind-the-scenes of our work on TV, radio, print, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and other platforms.

Once again, I’m so thankful to the 70 guests who came on our show, you were each wonderful; to RFC Media, Pat Fant and Adam Andrus for producing our show and pushing me to do this; the teams at Crime Stoppers of Houston and The Vintage Contessa for all their incredible work-sharing and posting along the way; to our listeners for being engaged, spending your time with us and always providing feedback; and most of all, to my co-host, The Contessa, my partner in crime through it all!

Wishing you and your health and safety, always and lots of love to all,

Rania Mankarious