Episode 27: Diane Reidy

Mar 8, 2019


Episode 27 | Diane Reidy

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Diane Reidy-Lagunes Social Media/Websites/Helpful links:
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center doctor bio:https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/doctors/diane-reidy-lagunes
The Scarlett Fund: http://www.thescarlettfund.com/
Cancer Truth (Coming Soon): A podcast where patients can call or write in and we use objective data to give answers. The whole expectation is that by having more dialogue we can get the right answers for our questions.
Twitter Handle: @DianeReidyLagun
Cycle for Survival: https://www.cycleforsurvival.org/

6 Main Podcast Points:

  1. Cancer 411
  2. Cancer is cells gone awry. There has been a recent increase in cancer diagnoses – partly due to the fact that people live longer.
  3. Cause of cancer is unknown
    1. Most of the time, cancer “fads” are going to be nothing more than just myths.
  4. Patient Support
    1. How can loved ones best support their sick family and friends?
  5. Cancer Truth: Diane’s podcast
    1. Starting a podcast that is designed to answer patients’ questions using objective data.
  6. Pediatric Cancer 411
    1. Why is pediatric cancer so underfunded compared to other diseases?
    2. How can we increase funding?
    3. The Scarlett Fund
  7. Faith and Practice
    1. Different patients have different ways to deal with diagnoses and illness.
    2. We don’t understand a lot about cancer, but I (Diane) do pray to God for strength and understanding.

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